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35 individuals who assisted suicide bombers in Kerman arrested: Intelligence Ministry

On Thursday, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry released a second statement revealing the arrest of 35 individuals involved in assisting two foreign suicide bombers responsible for the attack in Kerman on January 3. The bombers targeted civilians heading to the burial site of anti-terror hero Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, assassinated in a US drone strike in January 2020.

The ministry disclosed that 35 people were detained across various provinces, and intelligence agents are actively identifying the perpetrators, masterminds, and associates both inside and outside the country. Efforts are underway to locate criminals abroad, and some have already been identified.

The suicide bombings, occurring 20 minutes apart, resulted in at least 94 deaths and over 280 injuries. The mastermind, identified as a Tajik national named Abdullah Tajiki, entered Iran illegally with a woman and child in December and left the country two days before the attack. Tajiki, an expert in making handmade bombs, directed the operation.

The second bomber, a 24-year-old Israeli with Tajik citizenship named Bazirov, joined Daesh after connecting via Telegram. The ministry has found significant clues about Bazirov’s identity, to be revealed later.

The statement provided details of the attack day, noting that the terrorists initially aimed to target Gen. Soleimani’s tomb but altered their plan due to robust security measures, opting for more distant locations.

The Intelligence Ministry emphasized its duty to prosecute and bring to justice all criminals involved, including those abroad, connected to the tragic incident.

Iran Seizes Oil Tanker Near Oman Amidst Dispute With The US

Meanwhile, in a recent development, Iran has reportedly seized an oil tanker carrying Iraqi crude bound for Turkey, citing retaliation for a similar incident last year when the United States confiscated the same vessel and its oil.

Iranian state media, including the IRNA news agency, reported that the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran carried out the seizure in the Gulf of Oman based on a court order.

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