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Tips for Staying Cool and Healthy During Extreme Heat

Staying hydrated by drinking ample water aids in replacing lost fluids and essential salts caused by sweating.

In hot weather, the body’s ability to regulate its temperature decreases, increasing the risk of heat-related conditions like heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and elevated body temperatures.

Everyone’s at Risk

Both young and old are equally susceptible to heat-related illnesses. However, heat can become life-threatening if appropriate precautions aren’t taken.


Drinking plenty of water helps replenish lost fluids and salts due to sweating. Always keep a water bottle handy.

Avoid Fatty Foods

Steer clear of high-fat and calorie-rich diets in the summer, as they can elevate metabolic heat production, warming up your body.

Cut Back on Makeup

Minimal use of cosmetics is recommended to keep your skin clean and healthy. Store creams and makeup products, like lipstick, in the fridge to prevent spoilage. Always apply a good SPF sunscreen, even indoors.

Ditch Sugary Drinks and Tea

Limit intake of sugary beverages, including cold drinks, tea, coffee, and energy drinks. Instead, opt for fresh lemon water or coconut water to cool your body.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Stay indoors between the hottest hours (12 PM – 4 PM) to minimize direct exposure to scorching sunlight. Avoid strenuous activities like outdoor games and workouts during this period.

Keep Ventilated

Maintain good airflow in living spaces by using fans and coolers if air conditioning is unavailable. Place a bowl filled with ice in front of a fan to instantly cool the room.

Opt for Cotton Clothing

Wear loose, breathable, light-coloured clothes made from natural fibres like cotton to allow air circulation. Tight clothes trap heat.

DIY Cold Spray

Combat excessive body heat by placing a damp cloth on your wrists and neck or using a cool sponge. Always carry a bottle of cold water spray or face mist and spritz it on pressure points to lower body temperature.

Cool Foot Soak

Submerge your feet in cold water for a few minutes every day to lower your body temperature. It’s one of the best ways to beat the summer heat.

Harness Power of Essential Oils

Peppermint oils contain menthol, known for its cooling properties.

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