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Vasia Fatima Loves ‘Short and Sweet’ Web Series

The quick-witted Vasia Fatima is an emerging star of the Pakistani media. You would probably recognize her as ‘Neelam’ from the hit drama serial ‘Do Bol’. A versatile actor who can assume and bring to life a cosmopolitan boss lady or an emotionally lost village girl with equal ease, the Karachi based starlet has won the hearts all around in a short time.
Given below is an abridged transcript of a conversation the Truth International (TTI) had with the amiable young talent.

TTI: Vasia, how did you start your journey as an actress?

VF: To be honest, I had no intentions or plans to join this field but destiny got me here. Although, I had this ‘acting ka keera’ in me but I never considered doing it professionally. I never missed a chance to participate in stage drama at school. After finishing school, I got a chance to do voiceovers and then started getting projects one after the other. In the same way, I got an offer for acting and gave it a shot.

TTI: What difference do you feel from your first role till now?

VF: I am not camera shy so I didn’t face any difficulty in facing the camera but if you ask me about my first role, I had no clue about anything. I didn’t know basic things like a close shot, master shot, etc. I felt like an alien but with time I improved. Now I am way more comfortable and confident in what I am doing.

TTI: What was the most challenging role you came across?

VF: That’s yet to come. I am still waiting. So fingers crossed.

TTI: Is acting your passion or just a hobby?

VF: Acting is not something that I do to kill time. I love doing it a lot.

TTI: Can you briefly tell us what current projects you are working on?

VF: I am currently doing two web series, which should be out soon. I am also working on my show which is related to food. For TV, I am still going through scripts and waiting for the one that clicks.

TTI: Has there ever been a role you rejected for any reason?

VF: I have rejected more than a few and the reasons are always different. Sometimes I feel I am not fit for the role, sometimes it’s the budget, and sometimes it’s the story that I can’t relate to. And the same way I have faced rejection too.

TTI: Do you feel one can make good friendships in media?

VF: I have a few very good friends in the industry and we share a great bond. I can confidently say that I am blessed to have good friends in the industry and outside.

TTI: What are your thoughts on helping hands for the newbies in the industry? Are there any?

VF: When I came into this field, few people really helped me out early on. People do help each other but that also depends on your hard work and loyalty towards your work. If you are hardworking you’ll make your own way to the destination.

TTI: What are your thoughts on the new wave of production of digital web series in Pakistan?

VF: Actually, now I have started enjoying doing web series and the reason is they are short and sweet. We do not have any limitations and boundaries, unlike TV. Web audience is mostly our youth or the people who are open to interesting content and it’s easier for them to understand and digest new stories. New talent is getting much more attention and opportunities on the web.

TTI: Can you tell us what’s the story behind your name, and what it means?

VF: My parents are fond of unique names (so am I now and I show extra interest in people with unique names) so they wanted to pick a very meaningful and unique name for me as I’m their firstborn. My name comes in ‘Aayat-ul-Kursi’ and it also means “royal woman” and “kind”.

I have so many funny stories attached to my name that I can go on and on. But now I feel blessed and thank my parents for picking this beautiful name for me.

TTI:  Do you think your name’s meaning has an impact on your personality?

VF: Oh yes. I am totally under the impact of my name.

TTI: Tell our readers three of your habits that the general public is completely unaware of?

VF: One, I eat and sleep a lot. Two, I am way too clumsy. Three I cook really good food (not everything though).

TTI: Who did you enjoy the most doing any project with and why?

VF: I am blessed to work with the most chilled out people so it will be difficult to take one name but currently, I am doing a web series with Mojiz Hasan, Shehzeen Rahat, and Nida Khan and I can only say that we are just crazy, and people like them make acting fun.

TTI: Name three actors whose acting you admire the most in showbiz?

VF: Mahira Khan, Rubina Ashraf, and Imran Ashraf

TTI: Who do you want to work with next and why?

VF: I would like to work with Imran Ashraf, who is also a friend and because he is very talented, I’ll get to learn something from him. about life?

VF: Never trust anyone blindly and never doubt your own gut feeling.

TTI: What are some of the hobbies you most enjoy?

VF: I love different types of arts and crafts. I like doing DIY projects such as making candles, painting furniture, doing pottery. Then I also do mandala art – the list just goes on.

TTI: What would you have been if not an actor?

VF: An artist.

TTI: What are you watching currently?

VF: I am currently watching ‘The Fall’. Before that I finished watching ‘Bridgerton’ and before that, I watched ‘Assassination of Gianni Versace’ and I loved it simply because of Darren Criss who played the character of Andrew Cunanan. I wish I get to do a similar character in my career.

TTI: Do you call yourself a true Karachiite?

VF: I am originally from Islamabad. But it’s been a long time since we moved here. I love Islamabad but I think Karachi is the best place to live in.

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