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The Princess Diaries to The Nines

The Princess Diaries are a book series written by Meg Cabot about a young girl Mia, who has hit an all-time low. Her friend Lilly is not speaking to her; someone is posting horrible things about her online and because of that, the love of her life Michael, has dumped her.

Mia’s life is crashing down around her, Michael has left to work in Japan, Lilly isn’t talking to her and her grandmother is trying to give a speech at a big charity event. School is getting harder and she is behind on nearly every class. Mia has well and truly hit rock bottom.

I really liked this book, Mia seems to be growing up, she still has the witty comments and silly humor but she is more grounded. Lilly isn’t in it as much and I actually enjoyed it more. Her controlling presence overwhelms the story a bit and Mia blossomed without her. I love that J.P is becoming more

permanent, he is such a great character, and I love Tina too. I actually found myself gripped to this one, laughing out loud and even sad a little bit. I could really feel Mia’s heartache and thought it was well written. There seemed to be a firmer plot to this one and so flowed better.

She really learned to take responsibility and took wise decisions. She realizes that having a love life is not as import- ant as keeping yourself happy and because of that, she stops asking Michael to come back. I almost think she’s more relatable now that she’s gone through her transformation. Her break- down was believable and consistent with her character through the book.

I personally like this book and would definitely recommend it. The book was very relatable and enjoyable. I think children above the age of 8 would love it and would be laughing throughout.

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