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six facts about Humayun Saeed that you might not be aware of

Even if you’re not an avid follower of the Pakistani entertainment scene, chances are you’ve heard of Humayun Saeed.

Renowned both domestically and internationally, Saeed garnered attention beyond borders with his portrayal of Dr. Hasnat Khan in the Netflix series “The Crown,” where he depicted Lady Diana’s love interest.

Revealing Insights

In a recent interview with Nashpati Prime, Saeed offered glimpses into his life, shedding light on aspects less known to the public eye.

1. Family Matters

Saeed disclosed that he and his wife, Samina Saeed, faced challenges in having children, emphasizing that their childlessness was not a choice but rather a result of circumstances they encountered. Despite this, he expressed his love for all children.

2. Political Stance

Addressing his political involvement, Saeed confirmed his participation in the general elections, revealing that his vote was cast in favor of Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

3. Influential Women

Humayun Saeed attributed much of his growth in the industry to veteran actors Nadia Jamil and Sania Saeed, along with directors Mehreen Jabbar and Marina Khan. He acknowledged their significant impact on his career, emphasizing the role of women in the success of men, including his wife, Samina Saeed, and other supportive women.

4. Deepest Fears

The actor confessed that his greatest fears revolve around the potential loss of his loved ones and the thought of disappointing them, whether they be friends or family.

5. Navigating Scandals

Saeed reflected on his approach to handling scandals throughout his career. Initially, he dismissed them lightly, but with the rise of social media, he recognized the impact they could have on his family. He debunked false rumors surrounding his alleged marriages to various actors, clarifying that he has only been married to his wife, Samina.

6. First Love

Saeed reminisced about his first love, acknowledging the pain of betrayal but recalling fondly her vibrant personality and energy. While the relationship ended in heartbreak, he remembered her as an adventurous spirit who brought him out of his shell. This tale could potentially serve as intriguing material for a television series, adding yet another dimension to Saeed’s multifaceted career.

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