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Sarah Khan wants to do a film with Salman Khan

Pakistani actress Sarah Khan, a prominent figure in the country’s entertainment industry, has recently expressed her fervent desire to collaborate with Bollywood’s iconic star, Salman Khan, in a film. This revelation came to light during a virtual interview with a leading publication in India, where the talented artist discussed various aspects of her career and aspirations.

Khan, who is poised to captivate audiences across borders with her forthcoming mini-series ‘Abdullahpur ka Devdas’ for an Indian channel, opened up about her unexpected journey into acting. “I never initially aspired to act, but once I started, one thing became clear—I definitely want to do a film with Salman Khan, particularly after his role in ‘Tiger 3,'” she revealed. This revelation not only showcases her admiration for Salman Khan’s craft but also underscores her aspirations to expand her horizons in the entertainment industry.

Reflecting on her early influences in the industry, Khan was asked about her idols before entering showbiz. She responded, “I never thought about it before entering the industry. However, when I began acting, I set my sights on doing a film with Salman Khan.” This statement speaks to the evolution of her ambitions as an actress, shaped by her experiences in the dynamic world of show business.

Delving into her preferences for Indian content, Khan explained that her current responsibilities as a mother limit her exposure to Indian shows. However, her husband, renowned singer Falak Shabir, is an ardent viewer who follows a plethora of content on platforms like Netflix and is a devoted fan of Indian cinema. Khan also emphasized the widespread admiration for legendary Bollywood figures such as Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and Salman Khan, underscoring the cross-border appeal and influence of Indian movies.

As Sarah Khan prepares to grace the screen alongside Bilal Abbas Khan and Raza Talish in the upcoming project ‘Abdullahpur Ka Devdas,’ her aspirations for international collaborations add a layer of excitement to her already illustrious career, signaling the potential for cross-cultural artistic collaborations in the ever-evolving landscape of global entertainment.

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