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Rashmika Mandana Shares Why She Prefers Not to Speak English at Public Events

Rashmika Mandana

Bollywood actress Rashmika Mandana, who recently captivated audiences with her performance alongside Ranbir Kapoor in the blockbuster movie ‘Animal,’ has revealed a surprising aspect of her public appearances.

During the pre-release event of Anand Deverakonda’s new film ‘Gam Gam Ganesha,’ Rashmika chose to speak in Telugu instead of English, which piqued the curiosity of her fans.

A video clip from the event was shared on social media, where a fan expressed their desire to hear Rashmika speak in English. The fan’s message read, “Today you looked very beautiful, and we are very happy to see you, but we want to hear you as much as we see you.

But you continued to speak in Telugu at the event, which we couldn’t understand. If you speak in English, not only fans from the North but also those who speak Kannada, Tamil, or Malayalam will be able to understand you.”

In response, the ‘Animal’ actress offered a heartfelt explanation. She wrote, “I try my best to speak in English so that all of you can understand me no matter where you belong.

But I’m just worried about the fact that many people who want me to speak their language will think that I’m disrespecting the language or that I don’t know English. I will try my best to balance this.”

Her response struck a chord with many fans, who were both surprised and appreciative of her thoughtful consideration. Rashmika’s determination to respect the diverse linguistic preferences of her fans while also striving to be inclusive demonstrates her careful approach to her public image.

By choosing to speak in Telugu at a regional event, Rashmika shows her respect for the local culture and audience. At the same time, she acknowledges the need to be understood by a wider audience who may not be familiar with Telugu.

This balancing act reflects Rashmika’s understanding of her diverse fan base, spread across various linguistic regions in India.

Her willingness to address this issue openly and her commitment to inclusivity have earned her admiration from fans who appreciate her efforts to communicate with them in a language they understand.

Rashmika Mandana’s approach highlights a broader challenge faced by public figures in multilingual societies. The need to connect with a wide audience while respecting regional languages and cultures is a delicate task.

Rashmika’s response and her efforts to balance these demands underscore her sensitivity and respect towards her fans, showcasing a thoughtful and inclusive approach to her public interactions.

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