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Nora Fatehi Discloses Her Lifelong Practice of Fasting and Praying

Nora Fatehi, a well-known Canadian-Moroccan dancer and actress in Bollywood, has gained attention for her open discussions about her dedicated practice of fasting and prayer since she was 14 years old.

A short clip of a Bollywood dancer discussing her spiritual practices during Ramadan in a recent podcast has been widely shared, garnering praise and curiosity from online users.

In the widely-shared video, the actress passionately discusses her unwavering dedication to fasting and prayers, stating that these spiritual practices have been a significant part of her life since her teenage years.

“Fasting is a responsibility,” Fatehi asserts, “but it’s a responsibility that can coexist with your other obligations.” She emphasizes her capability to balance her work schedule alongside her religious practices.

In an articulate manner, she explains that fasting does not hinder one’s daily tasks, but rather serves as a sacred obligation that can effortlessly be incorporated into one’s schedule. This highlights the balance between spiritual commitment and everyday responsibilities.

When asked about the role of prayer in her life, Nora Fatehi describes its deep impact, comparing it to a meditation practice that offers peace and calmness.

She explains, “As you enter the realm of connecting with your higher power, prayer creates a unique spiritual and mental space. The beauty of praying five times a day lies in the fact that amidst the world’s turmoil, you momentarily pause for two minutes, expressing gratitude to your creator.”

She explains that prayer, though unique among other reflective activities, functions as a means to connect spiritually with the divine, providing immense comfort and satisfaction.

Despite being known for her bold dancing skills, her disclosures about her religious lifestyle have left many astonished on social media platforms.

As a Canadian-raised individual with Moroccan origins, she began her career in India in 2014, where she excelled as a dancer and actress, establishing a distinctive identity within the lively Bollywood scene.

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