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Nisho Begum Discusses Sahiba’s Emotional Reunion with Her Biological Father

A hearttouching video of Pakistani actress Sahiba reuniting with her long-separated father has been trending on social media platforms. Now, an infectious audio clip featuring her mother, Nisho Begum, provides further insight into the heartfelt meeting.

Nisho Begum disclosed that during a performance in Karachi, Rambo, Sahiba’s spouse, was contacted and advised to arrange a meeting between Sahiba and her biological father. Initially reluctant, Rambo ultimately persuaded Sahiba to meet her father, highlighting the significance of maintaining family connections.

Sahiba was satisfied with her upbringing and her married life. At first, she was reluctant to meet her father. But after Rambo’s kind encouragement, she agreed, demonstrating her respect and submission to her stepfather’s desires.

Nashu Begum carries on, detailing the process in which she managed to persuade Sahiba to have a meeting with Rabbani, as she felt it was the appropriate course of action. Furthermore, she emphasizes Rambo’s helpful role in motivating Sahiba to acknowledge and appreciate her biological father.

At the reunion, Sahiba warmly welcomed her father by preparing a meal and cherishing valuable moments with him.

Nisho Begum reminisced about a past event when Sahiba, as a young child, was oblivious to her father’s true identity, emphasizing the intricate nature of their bond throughout the years.

During a wedding with attendees from Gujarat, Rabbani, Sahiba’s father, yearned to catch a glimpse of his daughter. Initially hesitant, Nisho Begum eventually agreed, providing Rabbani a short opportunity to see into Sahiba’s life.

In the emotional reunion, Sahiba affectionately greeted her father, and although she initially had some doubts, Nisho Begum shared how her daughter kindly hosted her father.

This included preparing meals for him with her own hands, showcasing warmth and hospitality. This heartwarming event became a remarkable turning point in their family’s journey.

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