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Nadia Afgan suggests that it only takes four weeks to move on from someone

Television star Nadia Afgan, channeling her candid Suno Chanda character Shahana, boldly suggests the possibility of being in love with two people simultaneously.

In her straightforward manner, she asserts that the pain of a breakup typically fades within four weeks, dismissing the notion of enduring heartbreak. Speaking on Imran Ashraf’s show Mazaq Raat, Nadia emphasizes that love knows no bounds, challenging the idea that it is confined to a single individual.

She believes one can experience different types of love simultaneously, whether it’s a deep mental connection with one person or intense infatuation with another. According to Nadia, claiming to have loved only one person is simply untrue.

Nadia underscores that mere declarations of love hold little weight without corresponding actions. She cautions against empty promises, emphasizing that love manifests through deeds, not words.

Addressing those grappling with heartbreak, Nadia offers both solace and a dose of reality. She dismisses the notion of being unable to live without someone post-breakup as nonsensical, suggesting that time heals all wounds.

According to her, disconnecting entirely for four weeks facilitates the healing process, allowing individuals to regain emotional stability.

While advocating for her four-week healing timeline, Nadia advises cutting off all contact and distractions. She assures that with time, one will emerge stronger and find better companionship.

Nadia, with her extensive career spanning since 1992, has portrayed diverse roles across various shows, earning accolades for her recent performances in Parizaad, Kabuli Pulao, and Radd.

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