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Kim Kardashian feels besieged following the harsh roast of Tom Brady

Kim Kardashian faced biting remarks regarding Kanye West and her children.

The renowned star of ‘The Kardashians’ recently found herself subjected to comedic jabs on Netflix during ‘The Roast of Tom Brady’.

According to a report by OK Magazine, Kardashian is said to be displeased with the roast, feeling increasingly like a ‘soft target’. “Kim feels like she’s such an easy target at this point,” disclosed a source close to the reality TV personality. The insider added, “Kim’s Met Gala outfit received harsh criticism, far more than she expected, especially compared to others she believed were less impressive than hers.”

The source conveyed Kardashian’s frustration with the ongoing criticism, stressing, “From Kim’s perspective, it all seems incredibly unjust.”

The barrage of critiques didn’t conclude with the Netflix special. Comedian Andrew Schulz continued the commentary during an episode of the ‘Flagrant’ podcast, suggesting that Kardashian lacks a “human aspect”.

Schulz remarked on her demeanor throughout the roast, observing, “Kim maintained flawless posture for the entire three-hour duration and appeared detached during the event.

She smiled, laughed. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Utterly unfazed.”

Schulz also remarked, “Even when she was on stage, there were some booing. But it didn’t elicit any reaction from her. No smile, no sadness. It was like nothing,” before transitioning to another joke.

Kardashian’s ordeal underscores the relentless scrutiny and public scrutiny she endures, spanning both her professional and personal spheres.

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