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Introducing the world’s hairiest family from Mexico

Guinness World Records recognizes a Mexican family as the most unique.

A family in Mexico has made history by earning a Guinness World Records title for being the hairiest, afflicted with a rare condition known as Congenital Generalised Hypertrichosis.

Consisting of 19 members, the family includes individuals like Victor Larry, Gabriel Danny, Luisa, and Jesus, who exhibit a significant amount of facial and torso hair. Even the females in the family are covered with a layer of hair despite having light-to-medium hair.

Men in the family, who have been grappling with these conditions for five generations, display thicker hair on almost all parts of their bodies, as seen in a video released on Instagram.

The post stated: “Every family member collaborated with scientists in examining the gene accountable for CGH, leading to the discovery of substantial evidence linking several markers to the long arm of the X chromosome.”

Guinness World Records reported on its website: “In an extraordinary circumstance, the four family members are impacted by an exceedingly rare genetic disorder known as congenital generalized hypertrichosis (CGH).”

“Hypertrichosis can manifest either at birth or gradually develop over time — and in the case of the largest hairy family, it’s a congenital condition identifiable from birth.”

As reported by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, the disorder “may be linked with mild facial irregularities [such as upwardly tipped nasal openings and moderate jaw protrusion] as well as occasional dental abnormalities and hearing impairment.”

Despite its natural occurrence, the National Library of Medicine links it to significant psychosocial distress “due to the cosmetic disfigurement it induces.”

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