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How new Pfizer vaccine works?

It trains the immune system to fight Coronavirus.

This virus is a new type of jab called an RNA vaccine which uses a fragment of the virus’s genetic code. It makes part of the virus inside the body, which is recognized by the immune system as foreign and initiates attack.

The genetic material is wrapped in a small guarded bubble of fat to pass it into cells.

The exact elements of the vaccine are not public yet, but other vaccines may have other additives, like aluminum, which can make them balanced or more useful.

The vaccine is given in two doses and three weeks apart – and offers up to 95% protection against b and has become the first RNA vaccine to get authorized to be used in humans.

Regulatory agencies around the world are yet to decide whether it can be approved for use.

In case of temporary immunity, it might be treated the same as a vaccine for flu and be given as an annual vaccine.

Apparently, it protects 95% of adults over 65 years old and does not differentiate among ages and ethnicities.  

However, those with weak immune systems might not be able to have it.

A pro-tip: Nothing in medicine is 100% even in medicines like paracetamol, bear risks.

No safety concerns have been discovered after trails on 43,500 people except for some mild side effects like headaches and muscle aches As millions of people are immunized, there is a possibility of uncommon side effects. 

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