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Balochistan’s Chief Minister expresses regret: Apologizes to Mahira Khan for incident at Literature Festival

Mahira Khan, the Pakistani star, recently faced an unsettling incident during the Pakistan Literature Festival in Quetta, where an object was thrown at her while she was on stage.

Despite the shock, Mahira handled the situation with composure, addressing it calmly before continuing. The Chief Minister of Balochistan, Sarfraz Bugti, publicly apologized for the incident, condemning the individual responsible and expressing shame on behalf of Balochistan.

Mahira has yet to respond to the apology. In her Instagram video addressing the incident, Mahira revealed that the object was a rose inside a paper plane, emphasizing its painful impact despite its seemingly innocuous nature.

Mahira Khan’s handling of the incident at the Literature Festival garnered widespread praise on social media, with fans and celebrities expressing admiration for her poise. Filmmaker and actor Sarmad Ali Sultan lauded Mahira’s gracefulness in a repost of her video, while other industry friends flooded the comments with messages of love and support.

Influencer Aiman Khan, actor Mariyam Nafees, iconic Frieha Altaf, and retail designer Feeha Jamshed were among those who commended Mahira for her handling of the situation.

Background Story

Mahira Khan was recently invited as a special guest to the Pakistan Literature Festival in Quetta, held on May 15. During a conversation about her career and professionalism, an unknown object was thrown at her from the audience, narrowly missing her. Despite the shock, Mahira calmly paused the conversation to express her disappointment at the lack of respect shown during the event. She later resumed the conversation and extended support for a film showcasing Quetta and Balochistan’s culture.

In response to the incident, fans expressed concern for Mahira’s safety but praised her for maintaining composure. Mahira addressed the incident on Instagram, emphasizing the unacceptability of such behavior and urging continued support for cultural events. She concluded her post with appreciation for the festival attendees and the warmth she received in Quetta, reflecting the grace she displayed on stage.

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