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Bagga alleges that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan failed to provide him with proper recognition for their collaboration on the song “Zaroori Tha”

KARACHI: Sahir Ali Bagga recently shared his thoughts on Facebook about the recognition for the popular song “Zaroori Tha.” In his post, he underscored his role as a composer and stressed the significance of acknowledging the efforts of artists in the music sector.

Bagga initially commended the remarkable skills of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. He took pride in his dedication to nurture and showcase the talent of his nation on a worldwide platform. “A star-maker’s ambition isn’t solely about money,” he stated. As a composer, he felt honored that his abilities were bestowed by his faith, enabling him to contribute to the growth of his country’s talent. Undeniably, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan represents the finest talent Pakistan has to offer, according to the musician.

The individual emphasized that he has consistently strived to showcase the talent of Pakistan globally. Yousuf Salahuddin Sahab played a significant role in this endeavor by supporting the Virsa heritage. As a result, numerous stars emerged. He created a song titled “Zaroori Tha,” which unexpectedly became a historical piece in the Pakistani music industry. The composer highlighted the song’s widespread appreciation and remarkable statistics, solidifying its position as a leading Pakistani music creation. However, he expressed his dissatisfaction with not receiving due acknowledgment for his role in the song’s achievements.

Bagga emphasized the significance of honesty and transparency in the music industry, asserting that he would not shy away from confronting those who attempt to withhold credit from rightful creators. He passionately requested recognition for his contributions to the success of the song, which has garnered nearly two billion views on YouTube. If anyone has been dishonest or hypocritical, Bagga called them out, urging Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to acknowledge his rights as a human being and uphold fairness in the process.

Bagga provided the same text as his Facebook post. Furthermore, he shared a video featuring Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from Talks at Google, where Khan explained the process of selecting the song. Accompanying Khan in the discussion was Salman from his management team, who, after listening to “Zaroori Tha,” declared it to be “the song of the album.”

Khan further explained, “In 2014, we officially released the album. We must have been working on it since 2013. I had sung this particular song back in 2012. It was more like raw material, just stored away. During the album’s music preparation, we played a few tracks. Salman, my brother, was present and expressed his interest in that specific song. I initially declined, as it had already been given to someone else. However, he insisted, and we eventually included it. I mentioned that the song had a slow tempo and carried a melancholic vibe, with lyrics guiding towards positivity. Surprisingly, he truly appreciated the track.”

When questioned about his reasons for sharing the video, Bagga explained it served as “evidence.” Inquired about the motivation behind his decision to publish the post, he responded, “For a decade, I had urged Rahat and his management to include my name in the YouTube description. Despite my requests, they failed to do so. I endured this for 10 years, but my patience eventually wore thin. Thus, I expressed my grievance on my social media platform, stating that I had been subjected to hypocrisy.”

Regarding the evidence, he stated, “In the YouTube description, you can see my name is not mentioned. I request to share the video discussing the details of my song without crediting me.” The mentioned video has been previously referenced. To conclude, Bagga expressed, “This song was released in 2014, and now it’s 2024. Despite my multiple requests, my rights were not granted, so I shared my thoughts on my social media platform.”

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