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Ahmed Ali Akbar Embraces Villain Role in Upcoming Project

Villain Role

Renowned actor Ahmed Ali Akbar is set to captivate his audience with a surprising twist in his career, as he prepares to take on the role of a villain in an upcoming drama. Fans, eager for a glimpse of the actor’s new avatar, were treated to a viral clip on social media, sparking anticipation for his latest project.

In an interview with Kehkashan Bukhari, Ahmed shared his enthusiasm for portraying a negative character and provided a sneak peek into his upcoming venture while carefully concealing details. Speculation arose that the mysterious project could potentially be the second season of “Tere Bin.”

Despite the departure from his usual positive roles, Ahmed expressed his approach to script selection, emphasizing the importance of a compelling storyline. “I don’t have a particular intention to pick something different. If the story is good, I mold the character by sharing thoughts with the director. I guess I’ve been fortunate in scripts,” conveyed the versatile actor.

When questioned about embracing a negative character, Ahmed not only confirmed his interest but also hinted at ongoing negotiations with the makers. “Definitely go for that. I am in negotiations with makers,” he revealed.

This revelation sparked excitement among social media users, with netizens eagerly anticipating the actor’s portrayal of a flipping role, bringing a new dimension to his repertoire.

Ahmed Ali Akbar, known for his positive characters, previously gained acclaim for his role opposite Yumna Zaidi in “Parizaad.”

As he ventures into the realm of antagonists, his fans are intrigued to witness the actor’s versatility and applaud the evolving trajectory of his career.

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