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A midsummer tights dream

Book Review by: Alizay Ashraf

Tallulah Casey is an ebullient, chaotic Irish girl and she’s fizzing with excitement because she’s returning to the perfect school, Dother Hall performing arts college, a crumbling mansion in Bronte country, where the teachers are engagingly barmy and there are endless opportunities to engage with the boys at the school next door.

The book is a wonderful cocktail of slapstick and wish-fulfillment, spiked with just enough seriousness to make it more than forgettable froth. Readers will enjoy Tallulah’s use of hilarious British slang, her vibrant personality, and off-kilter descriptions perfectly capture the exuberance and awkwardness of early adolescence.

Girls will relish the breakneck plot, inventive language, and knockabout comedy. Rennison’s writing is so lively and reading her book is quite joyful. The writer sticks with a drama theme in this hilarious follow-up to Withering tights. Great fun book very fast-moving and inventive.

The characters are really interesting and funny especially Tallulah and reading about her misadventures was always interesting.

This book made me laugh very much because it was so silly, fabulous, and hysterically funny. This is one of my favorite books and I will definitely recommend reading this book if you want to read something delightful. I think this book is suitable for children above the age of 12.

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