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29 year old Jenny dreamt of swallowing her engagement ring, woke up realizing she actually did.

Jenna Evens who has a history of sleepwalking and sleep talking dreamt of swallowing her engagement ring with a glass of water and felt it so real that the surprise of swallowing a ring itself woke her up. She ran downstairs to tell her friends and fiancé who all laughed until she saw the ring missing from her finger.

“When I woke up in the morning, there was no ring on my finger,”

Evans told,

“I couldn’t help but laugh at it, and then I had to wake my fiancé up and tell him that I had swallowed my engagement ring.”

She urgently went to get an X-ray to see if it was real and it was then when the gastroenterologist performed an upper endoscopy to get the ring out of her throat.

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