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• Lahore has highest number of patients-329 in country • Punjab allowed use of its water share for cotton sowing to Sindh • Faisal Edhi files visa application for Palestine to help war-torn country • Indus water system to see massive dip in next 24-48 hours • 100 migrants swim to Spain’s Ceuta enclave during last weekend of April • Prisoners make up over 60pc of Thailand’s Covid cases • Economy contracts 1.5pc in CY2020: study • 18 officials suspended in Lahore over ‘out-of-turn vaccination’ • Carmakers seek cut in duties • CAA revokes permission for Dubai-Peshawar flight • Pakistan desires strong ties with EU: COAS • K2 base camp area gets internet access, phone coverage • Govt challenges LHC order letting Shehbaz go abroad • Govt to unveil Rs110bn agri package in budget • Forex firms supply $4b to inter-bank market • Car sales contract 17% to 17,144 units in April • CDWL approves four development projects worth Rs8.7bn • PM’s aide Zulfi Bukhari steps down over ring road scam • Biden administration approved $735 million arms sale to Israel • India's Gujarat evacuates over 200,000 people as Cyclone Tauktae hits • Pakistan’s first female Google Developer, Sakina Abbas becomes Expert for Flutter • Karachi records highest night temperature in May since 2015 • Crude oil rose 22 cents to $66.50 a barrel • Gold rate fell 50 cents to $1867.10 an ounce • Dollar is trading at Rs 152.85 in the interbank market • American Idol eliminates Casey Bishop to determine its top 3 finalists • WarnerMedia tie-up with Discovery to target streaming big shots
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    • Covid Updates: 2,566 cases reported while 135 deaths recorded in last 24 hrs
    • Currently, 67,665 cases are active in the country
    • The death toll reaches 19,752 in Pakistan
    • 2,989 people recovered in last 24 hours
    • The current positivity rate is 8.8%  in the country
    • Over 163 million infected globally, more than 3.3 million dead, over 97 million recovered
    • Tokyo doctors call for cancelation of Olympic Games due to Covid-19
    • Bide surges international vaccines aid in riposte to Russia, China 
    • Germany mulls making vaccines free for all from June 7 
    • EU regulator backs month-long storage of Pfizer vaccine in fridges 
    • UAE reports 1,229 new coronavirus cases, 2 deaths
    • Eurovision Song Contest returns despite the pandemic
    • At 26pc, Karachi's East district records Sindh's highest positivity rate
    • Dubai eases Covid-19 restrictions, allows full hotel capacity 


CITY NOTES-Sweets Something

Now that Prime Minister Imran Khan has had the time, he is getting used to the idea of Hammad Azhar as finance minister. Hammad has not yet been awarded the title of Waseem Akram Soyem, but it is only a matter of time. Speaking of Waseem, how goes Waseem Akram Sani?

Yes, Usman Buzdar. Now one can only imagine the ‘feast of reason and flow of soul’, as Alexander Pope once put it, when that trio gets together.

Of course, to complete the atmosphere, it would only need that distinguished geo-economist, who lectured the country’s business community some months back, General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Or do they still need Shaukat Tarin?

He is not related to Jahangir Tareen, the sugar baron, and the face of the sugar lobby, which is supposed to be all powerful. Something has gone wrong somewhere. Imran has said that last year’s sugar crisis was the result of mafias conspiring against his government. The mafias managed, it seems, to get him to decide on exporting sugar, which is why there was the shortage which led to the price hike.

Wait. Did Dr Hafeez Shaikh not carry the can for inflation? So, why are the cases against Tareen being ramped up? Is the public supposed to forgive PM Imran the price of medicine, electricity and fuel (which have all gone up, none of which saw Tareen have anything to do with them) because of any action that is being taken against Tareen?

Tareen should realise that the problem is not that he made money, but that he made PM Imran look bad. Even if you think that he likes grinding the faces of the poor, you cannot help feeling some sympathy for him, considering the violence with which he has been thrown under the bus.

Somebody noted that Imran has been used to throwing people under the bus. Like when he abandoned his cousin Majid Khan and ended his career, even though he had played a key role in making him the captain.

Well, it seems that Tareen is doing all sorts of things, like getting MNAs and MPAs to go along with him to the appearances he is having to make in various courts because of the various charges being slapped on him. Are these MNAs and MPAs he has given rides in his airplane?

The airplane is supposed to have been key in his position in the party, and the influence he had over Imran. Though apparently it was not just the airplane, but his willingness to act as Imran’s ATM. He had made his entry as Shehbaz Sharif’s adviser on agriculture, but he is not supposed to have given him any plane rides, or acted as his ATM.

He is supposed to have been approached by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). Why? Does Asif Ali Zardari feel he needs a plane ride? Or does Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari need an ATM? But at the same time, it must be frustrating to be one of those determining

who Tareen will give a plane ride to, and never getting a ride yourself. And Tareen has always been on the right side of you-know-who.

You-know-who will be one circumlocution after the new Section 500A of the PPC is passed, in which you cannot criticise a certain institution (note how careful I am being even before passage). One thing I saw on the internet said that the new law meant you could not let Askari Cement bags lie on the ground but would have to pick them up and put them in a high place. But of course, you cannot believe everything you see on the internet.

One thing that is not on the internet is that Prince Philip has died. He missed turning 100, and he also missed his 74th wedding anniversary. He had a peculiar connection to Pakistan, with the engagement announced in July 1947, before he got married in

November, his father-in-law was no longer Emperor of India, but Philip went ahead.

He has been outed as the royal who wanted to know the colour of his great-grandson Archie, born to Prince Harry and his mixed-race wife, Meghan Merkel. Well, I do not really blame him. After all, Harry is the grandson resembling him the most, so he would obviously be concerned whether his genes were being passed on.

Footnote to these notes: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) won the Daska by-election. Buzdar might refuse to do the honorable thing, but he should before he is thrown under the bus.

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