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The Ice Monster

The Ice Monster is a book written by David Walliams about a young girl, Elsie who frees an ice monster from a museum. Elsie is searching for a place where she can live. She soon finds herself in the Natural History Museum, where she helps bring to life the Ice Monster which is currently frozen and appearing in a new display at the world-famous museum.

Elsie and her new friends set about freeing the frozen Mammoth in the most creative of ways – enlisting the help of the infamous Sticky Fingers Gang. This is where the adventure truly begins as all of them go out to return-ing their defrosted friend to the North Pole.

The Ice Monster is both educational and fun to read. The writer wonderfully brings this history of ours to life, offering children an interesting way to learn about our history. This book would be a great teaching resource for parents and schools.

This book is hilarious to read with just the right balance of comedy and scenes that are, real-life facts, and touching themes of kindness and friendship. The message of the book is explained by the writer quite well. The book in a way is about belonging, finding your way in a difficult and unpredictable world, it is about family and fighting for what you believe is right and honorable.

The Ice Monster is a journey of discovery, an adventure tale so rich and so detailed. But the true wonderment of The Ice Monster is seeing Elsie discover that she is so very special, that through her dangerous journey she brings people together, giving people hope who have no one and a sense of belonging to those who feel that they don’t belong. I think this book is suitable for children above the age of 6.

Book Review by: Alizay Ashraf


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