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locally crafted products: Dugdugii’s ceramic-ware is here to take your Instagram food posts to the next level

In the age of Instagram and TikTok, food-related videos have become the stars of influencer culture, especially since the Covid lockdown.

The trend of sharing cooking and reviewing content has persisted, with food content becoming increasingly popular.

However, what sets some videos apart is their aesthetic appeal. Dugdugii, known for its charming pottery and ceramic creations, is the go-to for enhancing the visual appeal of food reels. Their pieces, blending traditional with modern aesthetics and vibrant colors, are perfect for achieving the ultimate 2024 food video goals. The artist behind these creations has mastered the art of color and design, resulting in whimsically magical pieces that evoke both vintage nostalgia and contemporary charm.

While these products are practical for everyday use, they can also serve as decorative elements, particularly the plates, adding an extra artistic flair to your space.

Recently, I purchased a charming coaster from Dugdugii’s website and was enamored by its artistic appeal. The use of colors and patterns, arranged in a seemingly random yet aesthetically pleasing manner, reminiscent of paint drops on a canvas, added to its allure.

Additionally, I noticed that the coaster had a pleasant scent, devoid of any paint or gloss odor. While Dugdugii’s products may seem expensive, their use of natural gloss ensures that they are completely food-safe.

Moreover, they offer personalized designs tailored to individual preferences, making them worth the investment. Apart from food-related items, Dugdugii also offers artsy candle holders, trinket holders, trays, and wind chimes, all of which are equally appealing.

Despite their slightly higher price point, I rate Dugdugii four out of five stars for their exceptional quality and attention to detail. Their presence on Instagram and provision of a manual on item care further set them apart from competitors.

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