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The purported leaked audio provides insights into the conversation between Imran Khan and US Congresswoman Maxine Moore Waters.


Leaked Audio: Imran Khan Appeals to US for Support in Political Crisis

PTI Chief’s Zoom Meeting with US Congresswoman Maxine Moore Waters Exposed in Leaked Audio

An audio clip purportedly capturing a Zoom meeting between the former prime minister and PTI chief Imran Khan and US Congresswoman Maxine Moore Waters has recently emerged on social media, triggering significant attention and speculation within political circles.

The purported leaked audio provides insights into the conversation between Imran Khan and US Congresswoman Maxine Moore Waters. 

Despite its public stance of opposition towards the United States, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has been discreetly working towards restoring relations with Washington. The party, which had previously embraced an anti-US narrative following Imran Khan’s removal from power via a no-trust vote in parliament last year, has now abandoned that stance.

Today’s audio leak follows the recent narrative shift by the PTI chief regarding the alleged regime-change conspiracy, which comes after months of criticizing the US and its officials.

The leaked audio purportedly offers a glimpse into the conversation between the two leaders, providing insights into the range of issues discussed during their meeting.

According to the leaked audio, Khan initiated the meeting by asserting his belief that he holds immense popularity in Pakistan, asserting that “99% of Pakistan wants Imran Khan.” Furthermore, he proclaimed himself to be the most popular political figure in the nation.

The audio clip further unveiled Khan’s firsthand account of a recent assassination attempt on his life, revealing that he had sustained three gunshot wounds in the leg.

He emphasized that Pakistan was currently confronting an immensely challenging situation, describing it as the most difficult period in the nation’s history.

As the discussion progressed, Imran Khan, in his customary manner, redirected the blame for the attack onto the military establishment and intelligence agencies.

He asserted that these institutions held significant power within Pakistan. Khan specifically attributed the incident to the no-confidence motion against him, while highlighting his party’s economic performance during their tenure as the best in the country’s history.

Khan made an appeal to Congresswoman Waters, urging her to support him and raise her voice in his favor.

Toward the end of the Zoom meeting, the leaked audio revealed a sense of contentment among Imran Khan and his colleagues

Their apparent happiness suggested that positive outcomes or agreements had been reached during the discussion, although specific details regarding these developments were not disclosed.

Independent verification of the leaked audio clip and its surrounding context is still pending. The news of the alleged meeting has sparked widespread discussions and speculations regarding its potential implications for the country’s politics.

Following the United States, Imran, and his party began accusing former army chief Gen (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa of wielding extensive powers in various governance matters during their tenure, claiming that the PTI bore the brunt of all the blame. Strikingly, both the PTI and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) have leveled allegations against Gen Bajwa and other retired generals for political interference, yet no action has been taken against anyone thus far.

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