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Heatwave Triggers 6,247MW Power Shortfall in Pakistan

Power Shortfall

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is currently grappling with a significant electricity shortfall of 6,247 megawatts, as per official sources.

The nationwide demand for electricity has soared to 26,500 megawatts, while the production capacity stands at 20,253 megawatts. This gap highlights the challenges the country faces in meeting its energy needs, especially during extreme weather conditions.

The breakdown of the electricity generation shows that hydroelectric sources contribute 7,980 megawatts. State-owned thermal power plants generate 712 megawatts, and private-sector power plants produce an additional 7,980 megawatts.

Wind power plants add 1,100 megawatts to the grid, solar power plants provide 196 megawatts, bagasse-based plants contribute 133 megawatts, and nuclear power plants supply 3,133 megawatts.

This shortfall has led to widespread load shedding, with reports indicating that power outages of up to six hours are being enforced across the country.

In areas with high line losses, the situation is even more dire, with power outages extending to 12 to 14 hours. This scenario underscores the need for efficient power management and infrastructure development to cope with the increasing demand.

To put the shortfall into perspective, it’s essential to understand that megawatts measure power, and usage needs vary across homes, businesses, and factories.

As a general rule of thumb, each megawatt of a coal power station’s capacity can supply around 650 average homes. Therefore, the current shortfall means that millions of households are experiencing power outages, affecting their daily lives and economic activities.

On June 14, as temperatures soared across the country, hitting 40 degrees Celsius in many areas, the electricity shortage was recorded at 6,113 megawatts. Sources noted that against the nationwide demand of 26,700 megawatts, production stood at 20,587 megawatts.

This trend has been consistent over the past months, with May seeing the power shortfall reach 5,845 megawatts. The intense heat, particularly in Sindh, where temperatures touched the dreaded 45-degree mark, exacerbated the situation, resulting in long power outages in rural areas and regions with high line losses.

The persistent power shortages during heatwaves highlight the urgent need for Pakistan to invest in its energy infrastructure.

Enhancing the capacity and efficiency of power plants, exploring alternative energy sources, and improving the distribution network are critical steps to ensure a reliable supply of electricity.

Additionally, addressing the issues of line losses and energy theft can help mitigate the shortfall and provide some relief to the affected population.

As Pakistan continues to develop, managing its energy resources efficiently will be crucial in supporting its economic growth and improving the quality of life for its citizens.

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