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    • Covid Updates: 5,139 cases reported while 100 deaths recorded in last 24 hrs
    • Currently, 73,078 cases are active in the country
    • The death toll reaches 15,329 in Pakistan
    • 1,772 people recovered in last 24 hrs
    • The current positivity rate is 9.9% in the country 


Revolutionary Stem Cell Therapies Arrive in Pakistan

In Conversation with Dr Tauqir Ahmad, Founder, London Aesthetics and Rejuvenation Centre (LARC)

Dr. Tauqir Ahmad, Founder of LARC (London Aesthetics and Rejuvenation Center) chats with Haider Rifaat of The Truth International about his breakthrough collaboration with Dr. David L. Greene of R3 Stem Cell International.

Since stem cell therapy is relatively a newer phenomenon in Pakistan, the partnership serves as a major scientific development in that regard. With a team of expert doctors, Dr. Tauqir aims to introduce cost-effective stem cell therapy treatments that can mitigate a number of diseases.

Find out more about this innovative venture in our exclusive interview with the brains behind LARC.

TTI: Can you give our readers some insight into stem cell therapy treatments and what do they accomplish?

DTA: Stem cell therapy treatments are designed to work on the root cause of the problem. They may not necessarily cure the condition but would help in potential remission or slowing of progression. It is an ever-expanding field, and as our knowledge in the field increases, we will be able to provide more advanced treatments.

TTI: Why did you decide to introduce stem cell therapy treatments in Pakistan at this point in your career?

DTA: I decided to introduce stem cell therapy in Pakistan because the future of medicine is regenerative medicine, which is a new avenue for disease management. We want to bring the best of current treatments to Pakistanis.

TTI: What makes your collaboration with R3 Stem Cell International revolutionary in Pakistan?

DTA: The fact that it brings together two companies with a similar vision, which is to provide excellence in their fields. It has brought together both, US and UK-based companies motivated to providing the latest treatments. We pride ourselves on achieving excellence in results and patient management.

TTI: What kind of conditions can stem cell therapy fully cure?

DTA: I don’t think stem cell therapy can fully cure any conditions just now. It does help with controlling diseases and preventing the progression of diseases. This is still a rapidly developing field and there will be extensive, ongoing work regarding stem cell therapy. Hopefully, being attached with R3 International with a large research and development team, we will be at the forefront of any new developments as they occur.

TTI: Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Pakistan. As the leading stem cell therapy outlet, do you plan to collaborate with Dr Greene and local stakeholders, to produce stem cell treatment options for cancer?

DTA: No, we will not be using stem cell procedures to work with cancer at the moment until there are further studies available that allow us to move in that direction.

TTI: Are there any side effects to stem cell therapy treatments that our readers should know about?

DTA: The worst possible side effect of stem cell therapy is no effect, so in that regard, it is a very safe treatment for patients to have done.

TTI: How cost-effective are these procedures?

DTA: They are very cost-effective because, in Pakistan, they are one-third of the price that is usually charged overseas.

TTI: How can people reach out to you and your team for one-on-one sessions?

DTA: People can reach out to us via the numbers available on our website as well as all our social media platforms that we operate through live chat.

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