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Making His Mark Yasir Shah

Meet the model turned actor Yasir Shah. You may know him best for his breakthrough performance in the Indian drama Khwaish. Since making his mark in television then, Yasir has had his fair of struggles in the Pakistani enter- tainment industry. But he is determined to keep going. We can see him next in the thriller web series titled Ranjish directed by Shoaib Khan. Let’s dig some more about the talented actor!

When was your first big break as an actor?

It was in the Indian drama series Khwaish by Ekta Kapoor. The drama remains my claim to fame project in India.

I am curious to know why you decided to make your acting debut in India instead of Pakistan?

I didn’t decide that. The producers in India did. I didn’t know anything about television production and wasn’t even aware of it back then. I felt no difference in spending ten years in Mumbai. It felt like living in Karachi or Lahore.

Do you feel that your acting career has suffered over the years?

Yes, indeed. I started my career in India working in television. Then when I came back to Pakistan, a few projects didn’t work out. I started to lose self-confidence so I decided to dabble with production in an effort to try and sculpt things the way they should be. I brushed my production skills in a few television serials and now I am super glad to be a part of my new venture Ranjish.

Speaking of which, tell us some more about your new web series Ranjish.

Ranjish is a family thriller divided into eight episodes of season one. The basic plot is that of revenge.

What kind of scripts do you like to sign?

The way a story is narrated should have edginess and mass appeal. Yes, it is good if anything works and gets a good response but I have a certain taste and want to be a part of such projects. I agree I influence a project just to enhance its quality but this time around, I didn’t feel the need to make suggestions in Ranjish. Everyone did their job.

Do physical attributes matter so much in the show business? What is your take?

Obviously, yes. Everybody’s body type, face and class fit different characters, so it all depends on what kind of a story and character is given. Since I have been an avid fan of super heroes, maybe I am more into idolizing Marvel super heroes.

Acting or modeling; your preferred line of work?

Acting mostly but sometimes when I don’t want to put in a lot of effort, I go for modeling.

What more can we expect from you career wise?

I am a producer already. I also direct small television commercials and fashion videos.

What have you learned from your past mistakes?

The more you are independent, the stronger you become.

What has made you stronger as a person?

I am mentally stronger than anyone around me because I don’t give up and am the hardest worker in the room.

Any plans of tying the knot soon?

I know I am late on marriage but I don’t why. Maybe I am too busy building my career and working on other projects. I will get married sooner or later though.

Unplug with Yasir Shah

Fall or summer?


Favorite men’s cologne?

Black Orchid by Tom Ford. I have all the fancy oud.

Last movie you watched?

Denzel Washington’s Equalizer and Mirzapur.

A dream place to visit?


Who do you want to be paired with next?

Hania Aamir

A contemporary artist you admire?

Pankaj Tripathi

What would you be had you not been an actor?

Fashion designer or maybe an event manager.

A television drama or film you wished you had starred in?

Meray Paas Tum Ho

Your favorite gym exercises?

Weight training and squats.

Mystery or drama? A genre you like the most?

I love mysteries and thrillers.

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