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American woman comes to Pakistan to marry Pakistani TikToker

Setting another precedent of love, an American woman embraced Islam, travelled to Pakistan to marry a young TikToker from Rawalpindi.

Daniel, 40, from Washington DC, reached Rawalpindi and married Afshan Raj, 27-year-old TikToker.

Raj, from Rehmatabad, said that a few months ago, the woman liked and commented on one of his videos which ignited a conversation in the comments section.

“I cannot believe that I have married Hafza,” the TikToker said while referring to Daniel with her new name after converting to Islam.

Raj also said that Hafza left all her belongings back in the US and came to Pakistan for him and added that her wife is “a good and sensible person”.

Talking about the difference of age between the two, the 27-year-old said that it did not matter to him as the woman changed her religion and gave up everything to marry him.

The bridegroom said that his wife researched about Islam before accepting it as her religion.

“She made a WhatsApp group of people of different faiths to discuss religions after which she came to the conclusion that Islam is the only religion which is the best for this world and the hereafter.”

The TikToker clarified that he never pressured his better half in any way and she came to Pakistan of her own free will, converted to Islam and tied the knot.

The American woman said that she is fond of eastern clothes, culture mosques, and is trying to learn the Urdu language too.

“I am very happy to marry a Pakistani… Pakistan is a beautiful country where people are very simple and hospitable.”

The Pakistani-American couple soon became the talk of the town and relatives, friends, and people from far and wide come to see them, wishing them all the best for their lives ahead.

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