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Can Coronavirus penetrate the Human Brain?

The global pandemic which is spreading rapidly around the world this year has led to fears of various mental health problems.

According to scientists, the Coronavirus has the potential to penetrate the human brain, leading to the risks of mental health problems in patients infected with the virus.

Researchers at the University of Washington, School of Medicine and the Puget Sound Veterans Affairs Healthcare System conducted a joint study.

An article published in the medical research journal Nature Neuroscience makes important revelations about the mysterious behaviour of the Coronavirus and its effect on human health.

William A. Banks, head of the research team, said experiments on mice showed that the spike protein had the ability to cross the barrier between the blood and the brain, suggesting that the coronavirus can also, enter the brain.

He further said that the experiments in mice also revealed that the Coronavirus destroys the lungs as well as rapidly destroys the patient’s ability to taste and smell and reaches the kidneys.

He also said that the coronavirus could use the spike protein, the S1 protein, to enter human cells. According to the research, S1 proteins bind the receptors and allow the spread of their own viruses, which enter the brain through the blood.

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