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Zavisa Identifies Factors Behind The Disappointing Performance Of Football Team

Football Team

LAHORE: Zavisa Milosavljevic, former head coach of the Pakistan football team, identified various factors contributing to the team’s poor performance in the recent FIFA World Cup Qualifiers against Saudi Arabia and Tajikistan. In an exclusive interview from Serbia, Zavisa emphasized the need for a robust competition system in Pakistan, particularly in the Premier League and second-tier leagues, to build a core group of local players.

He highlighted the significance of an organized system for working with young players, requiring a large group of educated coaches. Zavisa suggested that young players should form the foundation of the national team, complemented by additional selections from players in foreign clubs, provided their quality surpasses local players.

Zavisa outlined a strategic approach, stating that hiring a national team coach should be the final step, following the establishment of an organized working system. He stressed the importance of a Technical Director to unify and oversee the professional Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) football work system.

Reflecting on Pakistan’s recent defeats to Saudi Arabia and Tajikistan, Zavisa noted the absence of crucial factors necessary for achieving positive results. He attributed the late appointment of the head coach as a contributing factor, emphasizing the coach’s insufficient time to implement necessary changes.

Zavisa urged Pakistan to emulate the working systems of teams like Saudi Arabia and Tajikistan for a fair comparison. While acknowledging Pakistan’s historic qualification for the second round, he called for the establishment of a similar working system to enhance competitiveness.

Regarding player selection, Zavisa supported the inclusion of former Pakistan captain Saddam Hussain, provided he meets the coach’s demands. Saddam, currently playing for Salalah Sport Club in Oman, could bring valuable experience to the national team, according to Zavisa. The coach expressed confidence in Saddam’s ability to contribute positively if selected.

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