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PTI to start ‘court arrest’ Drive from Lahore

Mr Chaudhry said the court arrest drive is a peaceful way to fight with the “imported government”. Many party members signed up for court arrest effort and are awaiting Imran Khan’s approval.

PTI's 'court arrest' drive
Senior PTI leader Ejaz Chaudhry, focal person for the ‘court arrest’ campaign told about PTI's 'court arrest' drive.

LAHORE: Ijaz Chaudhry, the Pakistan Tehreek-i- Insaf’s focal person for the ‘court arrest’ campaign said that after the PTI chairman Imran Khan issued directions, party workers will begin the drive from Lahore.

He stated during a press conference that after Lahore, PTI workers in Peshawar will present themselves for court arrest. Several party officials, including Shah Farman, Mohammad Atif, Shahram Tarakai, and others, accompanied with him.

It would be a constitutional violation, he warned, if elections were not held in Punjab and KP within 90 days after the dissolution of both houses.

According to him, Pakistan has lost its eastern portion, which later became Bangladesh, as a result of constitutional violations.

PTI’s ‘court arrest’ drive

The court arrest drive, according to Mr. Chaudhry, is a peaceful approach to oppose the “imported government.” Moreover, he said that many party members had signed up for the court arrest effort and were awaiting Imran Khan’s approval.

Mr. Khan’s struggle for the country’s true independence will be successful. He further added that any infringement of the Constitution would be strongly challenged.

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To eradicate the threat of terrorism from the nation, it was essential to preserve the rule of law. He added we should stop “interventions of imperialist and foreign elements” in internal matters.

Numerous party members who had enrolled for a judicial arrest campaign also took an oath in front of him.

Senator Chaudhry stated that PTI leaders and volunteers will court arrest and that Punjab’s jails had a capacity of 64,000 detainees, but they currently housed 84,000 inmates. He added that he would visit Peshawar and Rawalpindi as well to begin the foundational work for “Jail Bharo Tehreek.”

According to Dr. Yasmin Rashid, the party has a record of volunteers who signed the ‘court arrest’ movement.

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