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Prove that you received four bullets, Rana Sana Ullah asks Imran Khan

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Monday pressed PTI Chairman Imran Khan to first show he was hit by four bullets before agreeing to assist in the inquiry into the attempted murder of the latter.

Speaking to reporters, he declared that if Mr. Khan’s assertions were supported by an impartial medical panel, he would leave politics. Imran Khan should permanently resign from politics if not.

Along with Maj Gen Faisal Naseer, a senior intelligence officer, and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Mr. Sanaullah was one of three people Mr. Khan accused of orchestrating a plot to kill him.

Imran Khan chose three names because he wanted disorder in the nation, claimed Mr. Sanaullah, adding that it was not in the state’s best interest to involve the military and judiciary in politics.

claims he will leave politics if the medical board backs up the statements of the PTI chairman; Interior Minister’s Petition Against NAB Inquiry Is Admitted by LHC

He claimed he had no doubt that Mr. Khan’s repeated “irresponsible remarks” were the cause of the attack, which was a case of religious extremism.

Mr. Sanaullah asserted that Imran Khan chose the three names because he wanted chaos in the country and that it was not in the state’s best interest to involve the military and the courts in politics.

claims that if the medical board confirms the PTI chairman’s assertions, he will resign from politics; LHC Admits Interior Minister’s Petition Against NAB Inquiry

He asserted that the attack, which was an instance of religious fanaticism, was brought on by Mr. Khan’s repeated “irresponsible remarks,” and that he was certain of this.

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