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Foreign Funding Verdict: A Challenge for All

It would be a serious challenge for the judiciary how they proceed in this rare and historic case which would determine the future course of politics in the country

Three governments and four elected Prime ministers changed then came the much-awaited verdict which as expected created a stir in the entire political scenario. The case is referred to by different names: foreign funding, prohibited funding, and PTI party funding case. Many lawyers, courts, and even ECP changed but one man who remained steadfast till the end and did not back down from his accusations was the complainant.

He was a former secretary of information, vice president, and member of the central executive committee of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf. Being a founding member and close aide of party head Imran Khan, Akbar Sher Babar had access and first-hand knowledge of almost all internal matters of PTI. That’s why when in mid of December 2014 he came up with his allegations about misappropriations and misdeclarations of party funding it was not considered a petty matter by all concerned. Akbar S Babar, in his application to the Election Commission of Pakistan, demanded action against Imran Khan and other party office bearers for violating the political parties’ order 2002.

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