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Fawad Chaudhry thinks ‘campaign’ against judges initiated in ‘haste’

Fawad Chaudhry shares an old video clip of ex-CJP Saqib Nisar.
In the video, he can be heard uttering similar words like the one in viral video.
“It seems like preparations for the campaign against judges were done hastily.”

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry thinks the “campaign” against judges started in a “haste”, indicating that the people did not do their homework properly.

Chaudhry shared a video of ex-chief justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar, in which he was saying: “Unfortunately, let me be a little blunt about it, let me be frank about it, let me be not aggressive, [but] loud about it.”

“Unfortunately, the orders that we are receiving are according to [some people’s] wishes,” the former CJP said in the video.

In the video, ex-CJP could be heard uttering some words which were also mentioned in a viral video.

The information minister, sharing the former top judge’s old video, indicated that “the audio in the viral video must have been taken from the older video.”

In the tweet, the information minister said: “It seems like preparations for the campaign against judges were done hastily. All the characters behind this campaign are known.”

Chaudhry hoped that the courts would “not go easy in the matter” and would “ensure its logical conclusion.”

An audio clip allegedly featuring Nisar was leaked in which a man could be heard telling another person that Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz “would have to be punished to make space for Imran Khan in politics.”

Nisar, on Sunday, had denied the authenticity of the audio clip, terming it “fabricated”.

In the audio clip, the man could be heard saying that “even though there are no cases against Maryam Nawaz, she would still have to be punished.”

Speaking to media, Nisar refused to accept that it was his voice and termed it fabricated. “The audio clip is being falsely associated with me,” he stated.

When asked if he would take legal action against the audio clip being associated with him, Nisar said he is thinking about “which legal option to go with.”

When the audio was initially leaked, Nisar had said that the report was “contrary to facts” and had categorically denied that he had ever directed any of his subordinate judges in connection with any judicial order whether it pertained to Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz, or anyone else.

Ex-CJ Gilgit-Baltistan’s claim against Nisar

It should be noted that on November 15, ex-chief justice of the Gilgit-Baltistan apex court had levelled serious allegations against Nisar, stating in a notarised affidavit that he had been witness to the then CJP Nisar’s direction to a high court judge not to release Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz on bail at any cost before the 2018 general elections.

“Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz Sharif must remain in jail until the general elections are over. On assurances from the other side, he (Saqib Nisar) became calm and happily demanded another cup of tea,” this is what is said in the affidavit of the former top judge of GB talking about the then top judge of Pakistan.

According to the document, Shamim’s statement was given under oath before a London-based Oath Commissioner on November 10, 2021. The affidavit, duly notarized, contains the signature of the ex-CJ of Gilgit Baltistan as well as an image of his NIC card. The notary public stamped the affidavit and recorded that it was “sworn under oath Before me” on Nov 10, 2021.

Both Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz were convicted by an accountability court in a graft case before the July 25, 2018, general elections. Their lawyers had moved the court for suspension of the conviction but the case after initial hearings was postponed till last week of July.

Ahmed Mukhtar Naqshbandi

Media person and communication expert for over 25 years. Worked with Dow Jones News, World Bank, CNBC Pakistan, Aaj TV, ARY TV, Abbtakk TV, Business Recorder, Pakistan Observer, Online News Network, TTI Magazine and other local and world Publications.

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