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Does Khan need another Vote of Confidecnce; ‘Imran Khan is PTI, PTI is Imran kran’, Tweet a Galore

PTI needed another Vote of Confidence after the rift in party is becoming open.

ISLAMABAD: Party is showing rift and the leaders are exhibiting their commitments with their side of the captain. Senior leaders of the ruling PTI have expressed their commitment to Prime Minister Imran Khan after the reported formation of a ‘group’ within the party.

Jahangir Khan Tareen, former secretary-general of the PTI, on Tuesday, had hosted a dinner at his residence in honour of several lawmakers who have been supporting him as he fights several cases. It was reportedly decided at the event that the attending lawmakers would raise their voice for Tareen in the assemblies.

Soon after the ‘grouping’ was reported, trends started to appear on social media supporting the prime minister and his vision.

Loyalist party leaders and ministers also issued statements and tweeted after the development.

Party Will Not keep those who do not show allegiance with Khan’

Even, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Speaking from Turkey, who is the PTI vice president, said all members of the party were supposed to follow discipline and warned that “violation of rules could affect their membership”.

“No member of the party can violate the rules on Vote of Confidence and Finance Bill,” Qureshi said in his statement on issues related to party discipline.

Qureshi noted that the prime minister, on demand by some party members, had given the responsibility of an inquiry into the cases against Jahangir Tareen to Barrister Ali Zafar, and that he will prepare a report on the matter. 

Meanwhile, he said, there is no room in the party for people who do not repose confidence in PM Khan, the founding member of PTI.

“These people should decide if they consider Imran Khan as their leader,” he added.

Without Imran Khan and his voters, he said, these people would not have been able to reach the assemblies.

‘PTI to complete 5-year term’

Meanwhile, Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry said that PM Khan is not only the prime minister but also the party chairperson.

“The PTI government has completed two years and the remaining tenure will also be completed. The PTI will remain in government for the next five years. Legislation will not be stopped; neither in Senate nor in the National Assembly.”

‘Can Tareen vote for Imran Khan in budget?’

On the other hand, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed responded to the controversy saying that Tareen will vote for PM Khan in the upcoming budget.

“Groupings in the party are a routine matter,” he said.

Twitter is filled with PTI leaders’ reaction

On Twitter, trends #IstandWithImranKhan and #BehindYouSkipper were on top and were also used by several party leaders.

Asad Omar, Shibli Faraz, Murad Ras, Ali Haider Zaidi, Hamad Azhar and others are keep on showing openly on twitter. TTI is following them.

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