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Another Key PTI Leader Resigns

PTI Leader

ISLAMABAD: Following the resignation of Omar Ayub from his position as PTI’s General Secretary, another Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader, Junaid Akbar, has tendered his resignation from the party’s core committee, on Friday.

In a statement, PTI Member of National Assembly (MNA) Junaid Akbar announced his resignation from the core committee, expressing his dissatisfaction with the party leadership.

He emphasized that he is not affiliated with any faction within the party and will remain independent. Without naming specific individuals, Akbar accused certain party members of prioritizing personal interests and exploiting the party for their own benefit.

He lamented his lack of influence in decision-making and his restricted access to PTI founder Imran Khan, noting, “These individuals meet Imran Khan and they don’t let us meet him.”

Akbar also expressed frustration with being kept out of the loop regarding the party’s policies and decisions, and he criticized the leadership for being unwilling to address his concerns.

He declared his intention to launch a movement for accountability alongside party workers, signaling his commitment to reform despite his resignation from the core committee.

This resignation came just a day after PTI Secretary General Omar Ayub Khan stepped down from his party positions. Omar Ayub, who also serves as the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, submitted his resignation on June 22, which was accepted by founding chairman Imran Khan.

In his resignation letter, Ayub cited his inability to continue in his dual roles as the party’s secretary general and the opposition leader in the National Assembly.

He hinted at his intention to step down as chairman of the PTI’s Central Finance Board as well but affirmed his ongoing dedication to the party as a worker.

The resignations of Omar Ayub and Junaid Akbar highlight growing discontent within PTI’s ranks, with both leaders pointing to issues of internal party governance and decision-making processes. These high-profile exits underscore the challenges facing PTI as it navigates internal dynamics and external pressures in the current political landscape.

Ayub’s resignation as secretary general, a significant position within PTI, and his decision to also step down as chairman of the Central Finance Board, signal a critical juncture for the party’s leadership.

His commitment to continue as a party worker, however, indicates a desire to contribute to PTI’s mission despite stepping back from formal leadership roles.

Junaid Akbar’s resignation, coupled with his plans to spearhead a movement for accountability, suggests a potential shift towards greater internal scrutiny and reform efforts within PTI.

As the party grapples with these leadership changes, the impact on its future direction and internal cohesion remains to be seen.

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