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Terrorist Attacks are Haram: Pakistan Ulema

Terrorist Attacks Are Haram: Pakistan Ulema:

Terrorist Attacks Are Haram: Pakistan Ulema

The terrorist attacks in Pakistan were condemned as “haraam” and “illegal” by sixteen ulemas from the Deobandi school of thought on Monday.

According to the fatwa (religious decree) signed by the Ulema, it is necessary to provide clarification on certain issues in light of contentious remarks made by anti-state groups.

Pakistani scholars answered these questions in accordance with Islamic teachings, citing various hadith.

The Ulema began by discussing who can declare “jihad” and under what conditions.

They claimed that because the head of an Islamic state is in charge of defending the region, he or she has the authority to declare jihad in appropriate situations.

Second, scholars agree that those killed while defending the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, such as police and military personnel, are unquestionably martyrs or shaheed.

Third, it was decided that the state’s laws and the decisions of its leaders must be followed. However, in cases where the state’s directive is “unethical,” opposition is permitted.

The Ulema maintained that inciting unrest and anarchy was forbidden.

They further added:

“According to Shariah, rebelling against an Islamic state is a rebellion against Islam.”

They emphasised the importance of working together against anti-Islamic groups in order to defend the honour and sovereignty of an Islamic state.

The Ulema issued their statement after the leader of the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) declared that his organisation is “open to guidance” from Pakistan’s religious scholars if they believe “the direction of our jihad” is incorrect.

In a video message to religious scholars, Noor Wali Mehsud, also known as Abu Mansour Asim, attempted to defend the TTP’s violent campaign against “the international agenda of infidel forces” that began in the area after the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

TTP Cheif said:

“If you find any problem in the jihad that we waged [against this global infidel agenda] if you believe we have changed our direction, that we have gone astray, then you’re requested to guide us. We’re always ready to listen to your arguments happily.

“our elders, our teachers, and our religious guides”.

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Pavan Manzoor
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