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Robbery at Government Official’s house: RS 17M, 55 tola gold looted

Armed men broke into the home of a food department officer on Tuesday and stole Rs17 million in cash, 55 tolas of gold jewelry, and other valuables, according to police. This shocking robbery involved relatively large sums of money and was said to be out of proportion to the official’s legitimate income.

Sikander Ali Shah, an assistant food controller, reported that he arrived at his residence at the Sindhi Jamaat Cooperative Housing Society in Bin Qasim at 11.45 p.m. on Tuesday night in a police complaint. Two men unexpectedly arrived while he was parking his car outside of his house. One of them placed a weapon on his head and commanded him to go inside the house or he would be shot.

According to the complaint, he was so afraid that he took the two robbers home. He told the police that the gunmen held him, his wife, and their children captive in a room while they stole Rs17 million in cash, 55 tolas of gold, and prize bonds worth Rs2 million from a cabinet.

He continued by saying that he phoned Madadgar-15 as soon as the robbers fled and the Shah Latif Town SHO showed there at the scene.

In relation to two unnamed robbers, the police have filed an FIR. SHO Chaudhry Aslam of Shah Latif Town stated that they have opened an investigation into the event after filing a case.

The officer continued, “However, certain ‘doubts’ have developed following the initial investigation about the truth of his assertions.”

The SHO went on to say that the complainant first told the police that the burglars also grabbed his three cell phones, all of which had bells ringing but no one answering them.

The SHO claimed that when he contacted his numbers, the phones rang nonstop, but no one answered.

The three cell phones were eventually found inside the complainant’s home thanks to a “locator” that the police later brought.

The SHO added that when he questioned the complainant, he began denying knowledge of it and said, “I asked the food official that his cell phones were inside the home and bring them here otherwise we would trace them.”

Second, the SHO said that the food department officer initially told him that between Rs2.5 and Rs3 million in cash and reward bonds had been stolen before subsequently changing his story to say that Rs17 million had been stolen when he arrived at the home after receiving the information.

The food officer reportedly revealed that the robbers gave him, his wife, and their two children each 100,000 rupees as they fled, in addition to returning 10 tolas of gold jewellery.

The SHO said that there were security guards stationed at the main gate of the housing society, which was a gated community. He questioned how the criminals broke into and left the housing organization. He claimed that more investigation was being done.

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