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Kenyan Medical report: ‘Arshad Sharif died from multiple high-velocity gunshots’

Journalist Arshad Sharif suffered several wounds as a result of being shot with a high-velocity weapon twice, according to a KENYAN medical report.

The senior Pakistani journalist died from a “gunshot to the head and chest by use of a high-velocity firearm at intermediate range,” according to a post-mortem report written for the Kenya Police by a pathologist from Chiromo Mortuary, according to information provided by The Geo News in its broadcast.

The cause of death is listed as “many injuries” in the medical report, a copy of which can be obtained from The News and Geo. According to the report, the journalist’s body was “markedly pale” when it was delivered to the mortuary in Nairobi’s central business district.

The first bullet, according to the report, damaged a significant portion of Arshad Sharif’s brain and left side of the skull, measuring 12 cm by 3 cm. “Graze gunshot wound left parietal area and scalp with penetration of skull creating (part of the skull in the area was gone) stellate wound that measured 12 cm x 3 cm,” according to the report. Thus, the “left parietal” region of the brain was “lacerated” by the first gunshot.

According to the report, the second gunshot caused a 1 cm diameter abrasion-filled wound in the “right upper back.” It was situated 30 cm above the top of the skull and 3 cm from the midline.

The gunshot had “everted edges” and “measured 2 cm by 1 cm from the right side of the chest.” According to the report, Arshad Sharif’s “respiratory system” was hurt by the second shooting, and the “penetrating bullet caused harm on the apex of the right lung, right hemothorax.”

The police took Arshad Sharif’s body to Chiromo Mortuary after he was killed on the night of October 23, 2022, along Magadi/Kiserian Road by members of the General Service Unit (GSU). Waqar Ahmed, who was not harmed in the attack, was driving the car with the license plate KDG 200M when Arshad Sharif was shot and killed. Khurram Ahmed was the driver of the vehicle.

The post-mortem report states that Saqlain Syedah, the Pakistan High Commissioner to Kenya, and Muhammad Junaid positively identified Arshad Sharif’s body in the mortuary. Four hours after the incident, at 2 in the morning on Monday, the body was taken to the mortuary. The following day, Sharif’s body was brought back to Pakistan, where tens of thousands of people attended his funeral in Islamabad.

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