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Islamabad Traffic Police’s traffic diversion plan for Faizabad sit-in

To get to and from Islamabad at Zero Point on Faisal Avenue, to get to and from Faizabad at Rawal Dam Chowk on Murree Road, to get to and from Faizabad on IJP Road 9th Avenue Signal, Diversions have been made on the Islamabad Highway under the Khanna Bridge to and from Faizabad. There is a diversion for traffic on both sides at the 9th Avenue Signal on IJP Road.

Use Faqir Epi Road and Peshawar Road for intercity movement. There will be a diversion on the Srinagar Highway at Zero Point towards Faizabad.

Use 9th Avenue to get to E-8, E-9, and adjoining sectors for movements within city.

To reach Islamabad Highway, use Rawal Dam Chowk, Tramri Chowk, Lehtar Road, Khanna Bridge.

There will be a diversion for incoming and outgoing traffic towards Faizabad at Rawal Dam Chowk on Murree Road.

Use Rawal Dam Chowk, Park Road, and Lehtrar Road for city traffic.

Traffic will be diverted to Faisalabad under the Khanna Bridge on the Islamabad Highway.

To reach Rawalpindi and for public transport, turn from Koral Interchange to Old Airport Road.

People coming and going to Islamabad can reach Srinagar Highway from Khanna Bridge Interchange using Lehtrar Road and Tramri Chowk Rawal, Dam Chowk.

The red zone has diversions to and from Serena Chowk, State Bank Chowk, and D Chowk.

Use Ayub Chowk and Margalla Road for intracity movement.

“ITP Radio FM 4, 92 will also keep the citizens informed about the traffic situation from time to time through its special broadcasts,” said Islamabad Traffic Police Spokesman

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