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Shivon Zilis, Mother of Elon Musk’s New Baby, has an Indian connection

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, acknowledged the birth of his twelfth child earlier this year with Shivon Zilis, an executive at his company Neuralink. Musk clarified to Page Six that the birth was never intended to be secretive, emphasizing that their close circle was informed. However, details such as the baby’s name and gender have not been disclosed publicly. This child marks Musk’s third with Zilis, adding to his already large family.

Shivon Zilis, born in Canada with Indian heritage, has carved a niche in the tech industry, partly due to her association with Musk and their shared interests in artificial intelligence. She notably served on the board of OpenAI, a research company co-founded by Musk, until 2023. Her background and professional pursuits underscore her influence in the field.

The revelation of their twins born in November 2021 came to light in July 2022, underscoring the couple’s preference for privacy despite media interest. Zilis’ connection with Musk appears rooted in their mutual passion for advancing AI technologies, an area where both have made significant contributions through their respective roles and ventures.

The relationship between Zilis and Musk remains largely private, with sporadic glimpses into their personal lives surfacing through occasional public statements and disclosures. Despite the spotlight on Musk’s prolific family life, characterized by children from different relationships, both he and Zilis have maintained a guarded approach to sharing details about their children and personal affairs.

Overall, the acknowledgment of their child underscores their shared journey amidst their professional pursuits, highlighting Zilis’ role not just as a tech executive but also as a partner in Musk’s entrepreneurial endeavors and personal life.

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