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Shaitan & Corona Virus both are chained in Ramzan Transmission: No SOPs followed on TV, Star Saheefa Jabbar Khattak protests

Apparently, those people who run the Ramzan transmissions leave no stone unturned in gaining personal interests in the name of entertainment and profit except considering pandemic.

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak condemned ruthlessly the behavior of the Ramazan transmissions program. She said, on one hand, the government and the public are trying their best to follow SOPs, make compromises on their luxurious lifestyle and give up all activities to contain the spread of the virus. But on other hand, the Ramzan transmissions provide a large people gathering which will be a serious threat to the life of people.

“Covid it at its peak. Cricket leagues are getting canceled, countries in the Subcontinent are going into lockdown and strict curfews are imposed on peoples everywhere — we are well in the middle of this horrendous and treacherous third wave,” she began.

She then encouraged everyone to follow the SOPs, wear a mask at all times and hold tightly onto hope, putting her trust in the system and the authorities to lead us through these troubled times.

Khattak then pointed out how she read somewhere how social distancing was a privilege. “It means you live in a house large enough to practice it. Hand washing is a privilege too. It means you have access water. Hand sanitisers are a privilege. It means you have the money to buy them,” she said, urging us not to forget this.

Soon after, she took this opportunity to highlight problematic Ramazan transmissions.

“They do not follow protocols and are filmed on sets where crews as large as 60 to 70 people are not quarantined and don’t operate inside a bio secure environment. This is a blatant breach of government policy, and just shows our inherent insensitivity to the situation,” she protested, pointing out how in actuality, these shows bring nothing productive or redeemable to the table.

“Rather, they seem hellbent on ridiculing and insulting human beings in the name of entertainment and profit. It’s crass, rude, and has zero respect for human dignity. I’m sorry but this frustrates me a lot!” she added.

Khattak then presented a solution to the problem, that was both rational and much needed.

Give airtime to spread awareness about Covid and enforce message sent out by the government she suggested, adding that in reality she does think it won’t be possible.

“There was no better time to do it in Ramazan, but no, how would people win a Corolla then?” she sighed, reminding people to take this pandemic seriously.

“Spend Eid while practicing social distancing, recognize your privilege and try to see through the lies we consume through the magic box!” Khattak said.

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Media person and communication expert for over 25 years. Worked with Dow Jones News, World Bank, CNBC Pakistan, Aaj TV, ARY TV, Abbtakk TV, Business Recorder, Pakistan Observer, Online News Network, TTI Magazine and other local and world Publications.

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