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Saudi Arabia Deports Pakistani Nurses Amid Allegations of Document Forgery

Ninety-two Pakistani nurses find themselves grappling with shattered dreams following their deportation from Saudi Arabia due to the actions of a private recruiter.

These nurses, all highly qualified professionals, fell victim to a scam involving the falsification of their credentials through online verification. The Saudi authorities uncovered this forgery during routine checks, resulting in the immediate termination of the nurses’ contracts and their subsequent repatriation.

This distressing incident not only inflicts significant emotional and financial strain on the affected nurses but also casts a shadow over the reputation of Pakistani healthcare professionals.

In response, Pakistani federal authorities have swiftly intervened. Upon becoming aware of the situation, the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis initiated a thorough investigation.

The initial findings led to the suspension and blacklisting of the recruiter based in Rawalpindi. Furthermore, a committee has been established to conduct a more extensive inquiry into the matter.

The fraudulent scheme orchestrated by the recruiter involved the submission of identical verification reports for multiple nurses, enabling 350 individuals to secure employment in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, 92 nurses now face the repercussions of this deceitful practice, having spent a year working in the Kingdom before the falsification was uncovered through online verification.

This unfortunate incident underscores the vulnerability of migrant workers and underscores the critical importance of implementing robust recruitment procedures.

The ongoing investigation aims to hold those responsible accountable and to introduce more stringent regulations to prevent such scams from recurring. Safeguarding the well-being and professional pursuits of Pakistani nurses seeking opportunities abroad must remain a paramount concern.

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