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Punjab Implements Mandatory Mask-Wearing Amidst Smog Crisis for Health and Safety

Mandatory Mask-Wearing

Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi of Punjab has issued a notification mandating the wearing of masks throughout the province for a week.

Mandatory Mask-Wearing

This decision, applicable to smog-affected districts, aims to address the worsening air quality. Naqvi emphasized the collective responsibility of prioritizing health and urged compliance with the guidelines for community safety.

The notification, issued by the health secretary, highlights the serious threat of smog to public health across all age groups, necessitating safety measures to prevent airborne diseases.

The mask mandate covers outdoor activities and is to be enforced in specific divisions, including Lahore and Gujranwala, known for their high air quality index.

This requirement is effective from November 20 to 26, responding to the persistent hazardous air quality levels in Punjab, particularly in cities like Lahore, which consistently ranks among the most polluted globally.

SpaceX’s Starship Test Faces Setback: Second Attempt Ends In Booster Explosions And Communication Loss

Meanwhile, SpaceX’s Starship, an uncrewed spacecraft designed for moon missions and beyond, encountered another setback during its second test flight after the initial attempt resulted in an explosion.

The two-stage rocket launched from the Starbase site near Boca Chica, Texas, reaching an altitude of approximately 55 miles on a planned 90-minute flight.

However, the Super Heavy first stage booster, after separating from the core stage, exploded over the Gulf of Mexico.

Subsequently, SpaceX lost contact with the core Starship booster, which continued its ascent. Approximately eight minutes into the mission, a camera view suggested an explosion, indicating a potential failure around an altitude of 91 miles.

This launch was the second try for Starship atop its Super Heavy rocket booster, following an unsuccessful attempt in April. The goal was to test Starship’s capabilities by lifting off in Texas, entering space, and then splashing down off Hawaii’s coast.

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