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“My Wife Almost Died” due to a London trained doctor’s negligence, Actor Rahim Pardesi

“I could have died, I could have become Infertile, I could have lost my child”

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child which clearly indicates the significance of the life of a child in society. However, for some health workers and qualified doctors, this significance seems to mean nothing.

Recently in Lahore Pakistan, such an incident happened with a famous Comedian and Actor Rahim Pardesi’s second wife Somia. The couple was blessed with a baby a few weeks earlier and shared the news with their social media fans with an adorable Instagram post.

The actor took it to Instagram where he shared an IGTV with his wife Somia, captioned it “My wife almost died”.

“The Dr name is Faiqa Saleem from Lahore Bahria town hospital. The purpose of this video is to make you guys aware of poor medical practice. Please share and spread this video as much as you can do we can save other babies and mothers life’s and save more families from unnecessary heartache and trauma. SHARE!”

The caption of the IGTV says.
Rahim Pardesi’s Instagram Video

The actor mentioned that they had to make this video because they had no other choice.

Somia said that when she came to Pakistan, her pregnancy was absolutely normal and she was healthy perfect healthy. In Lahore Bahria Town hospital, friends and family recommended visiting Dr Faiqa Saleem as she has completed her training from London.

The actor reiterated that his wife’s doctor persuaded her to go for Cesarean Section delivery in every visit despite the fact that her Midwife in the UK and the research she carried out simultaneously, suggested otherwise.

Somia further said that as her pregnancy progressed, Dr Faiqa Saleem’s behavior became rude and aggressive. Despite the doctor’s utmost struggle for Cesarean Section, the young couple’s baby was delivered naturally.

After coming back home with a child, the actor says, his wife has been in severe pain till this day in spite of natural birth. Due to unbearable pain, Somia along with her husband went to see the doctor in the same hospital. This time thankfully, they were taken to another senior doctor, Dr Yasmin. The doctor shrieked while examining her.

The couple shared in the video that the doctor took out five sponges, close to the size of a cricket ball, from inside the new mother’s body that were attached to her cervix. After treating Somia, the doctors were shocked at how she was still alive.

The couple is extremely disappointed at how these private hospitals, despite charging huge bills, could provide such substandard care. They said that on asking the hospital’s administration for this medical negligence, the Vice President of the hospital ignored their plea.

“I could have died, I could have become Infertile, I could have lost my child and I have not been able to breastfeed him.”

Somia said.

She further said that she is suffering from four different kinds of infections in her body right now.

The new mother feels lucky to be alive but she is questioning the hospital’s administration on treating human life close to nothing.

The couple further said that they do not know who they can talk to, who will take ownership for this unfortunate incident, what steps will be taken against the doctor or will she be let loose to kill more people?

The actor asked his followers to pray for his wife’s speedy recovery of her mental and physical health, adding that “Please share and spread this video as much as you can so that we can save other babies and mothers’ lives. SHARE!”

In the end, the video showed a few reviews of Dr Faiqa Saleem from random Facebook sources and a plea to share their video for public awareness.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ansa Zenib

    May 29, 2021 at 6:06 pm

    I am surprised to read this . Dr Faiqa was my doctor during two pregnancies. I have found her friendly and competent. I recommend Ed her to many of my friends. For me it’s hard to believe this

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