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Karachi Police Implements Ban on TikTok Videos by Officers in Uniform

The Rapid Response Force (RRF) of Sindh province has implemented a directive aimed at upholding discipline and professionalism among its law enforcement personnel.

The directive specifically prohibits police officers from creating TikTok videos while in uniform, citing concerns about potential negative impacts on both police performance and public perception.

According to an official notification, the RRF has explicitly forbidden the filming of TikTok videos inside official vehicles or within department premises. The directive emphasizes that such activities are considered unprofessional and are contrary to established rules of conduct within the force.

“The primary objective behind this ban is to enhance the overall efficiency of our force and ensure that officers remain focused on their official duties,” the notification stated. It underscored the importance of maintaining integrity and professionalism, noting that adherence to these principles is essential for upholding public trust and ensuring effective law enforcement.

The responsibility for enforcing compliance with this directive lies with senior officials, including Senior Superintendents of Police (SSP) and other designated authorities within the RRF and CMU Sindh. These officials have been instructed to take immediate action to ensure strict adherence to the ban at all levels of the force.

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