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Imran was shot for being too pro-Israel: Israeli Media report

According to Israeli media, the former prime minister Imran Khan was attacked last week at a political gathering in Wazirabad because the perpetrator said he was too “pro-Israel.”

Imran Khan is not the first Pakistani leader to support divisive myths for political gain, claims the Israeli publication “Haaretz.” “He promoted his politics through violence. He undermined legislative supremacy, backed assaults on civil authority figures, and expanded the reach of blasphemy legislation. He spread false information after being removed by using conspiracies. Khan repeated the same antisemitic accusations that had been made against him when a Pakistani delegation visited Israel in May, alluding to the new administration’s push to recognize the Jewish state,” it continued.

According to reports, Pakistan moved one step closer to establishing formal connections with the Jewish state. According to the newspaper, Imran Khan oversaw much of the advancement on that front when he was in office. Two months after Imran Khan’s government took office, in October 2018, there were numerous reports in the local media claiming that Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s then-prime minister, had visited Pakistan. The antisemitic conspiracy claims against Khan, which had their roots in his first marriage to Jemima Goldsmith, were revived the following year after a meeting with George Soros about possible progressive reforms in Pakistan.

According to the source, the possibility of formal connections between the two nations advanced in tandem with preparations to sign the Abraham Accords in 2020. By 2021, Khan’s closest advisors had begun to provide clarifications regarding their own alleged trips to Israel. PTI sources claimed the news was untrue when contacted.

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