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Imran Khan Expresses Fear of Arrest and Political Targeting

Imran Khan Raises Questions Over Judicial Independence in Pakistan

In Lahore, PTI Chairman Imran Khan stated that there is an 80 percent chance of his arrest on Tuesday while he is in Islamabad to seek pre-arrest bail in multiple cases.

During an interview with CNN, the former prime minister made allegations that the PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement) was aligned with the army and was actively “dismantling the democratic system to keep me out.”

He further mentioned that currently, over 10,000 workers had been arrested and the entire senior leadership of his party was in jail.

Mr. Khan referred to the violence and arson attacks on state buildings and army installations on May 9, stating, “They have used the pretext of arson to dismantle the party, taking advantage of the reaction that followed my arrest.”

The hundreds of women and children have been jailed, adding, “They are now attempting to prosecute us in military courts.”

The PTI chief claimed

Since he had already stated that he had no conflict with the establishment and expressed his confusion about why the other side was displeased with him, the ex-premier pondered on how someone could achieve victory by “taking on your own army.” Mr. Khan emphasized the importance of a strong army, stating that in such a situation, even if one were to win, the country would ultimately suffer.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s Exclusive Interview on CNN with Fareed Zakaria

“I am a firm believer that Pakistan needs a strong defense system.”

The former PM stated that he did not have any problem with the army, acknowledging their entrenched position.

He recalled working with former army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa before he “switched horses.”

The PTI chief claimed that the ruling coalition wanted to “bump him off” out of fear of losing elections. He asserted that there was still a threat to his life and stated that he had predicted the use of a religious fanatic to assassinate him, similar to the assassination of a former Punjab governor.

In response to a question, he expressed concerns over Pakistan passing through an “unpredictable time” and voiced fear regarding the coalition government’s ability to hold the national elections later in October this year.

My concern now is that they will refrain from holding the national elections even in October. 

I fear they will schedule the elections only when it becomes evident that PTI will not emerge as the winner," he expressed.

Mr. Khan stated that the situation had deteriorated to such an extent that even the decisions of judges and courts were being disregarded.

Imran Khan Alleges Political Conspiracy to Target PTI and Create Conflict with Army.

During an interactive session with journalists, the PTI chairman revealed that a Punjab government delegation had visited him on Sunday and provided him with eight names of individuals they claimed were wanted, men. He commented, “Currently, everyone in the PTI is wanted.”

He maintained that the authorities had informed him about conducting a search operation at his residence, but he had refused to allow it. He stated that they could come as per the permission granted by the Lahore High Court.

He mentioned that the Lahore High Court (LHC) had issued an order to form a two-member government team, consisting of a lady police officer and a PTI member, to assist in the search operation.

While demanding evidence of his party’s involvement in the May 9 violence, Mr. Khan stated that if any PTI workers were found to be implicated, he would assist the police in apprehending them. He further claimed that the government was devising strategies to create conflict between him, the PTI, and the army.

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