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‘Ghabrana Nahi hai’ Play Review: the dilemma of aging

To highlight the significance of family relatons, especially parental, The Thespianz Foundation staged a comedy play with a tickling title, “Ghabrana Nahi Hai”, at PACC Auditorium in Karachi

KARACHI: It is really motivating and soul-elevating to see the revival of art and entertainment activities in Karachi, after a long lapse of mundane Covid-effected routine. One of such exciting events was the theatric venture by Thespianz Theatre that was focused on the loosening fabric of family structure. Aristotle says “Man is a social animal”, and this veracious and precise insight into the human spirit and psyche has always been guiding human societies and states to provide the bipeds of the globe with a supportive environment with sharing and caring mutual relationships. However, the mounting trends of materialism and unbridled race of egocentrism, in the contemporary world, have deprived the modern man of such succor of life.

To highlight the significance of family relations, especially parental relations, The Thespianz Foundation staged a comedy play with a tickling title, “Ghabrana Nahi Hai”, at PACC Auditorium, the other day. The Play was written and directed by Faisal Malik, the Artistic Director of Thespianz Foundation, while Sheikh Sameer Nadeem served the project as an Associate Director. The play is a family story in which we come across a young boy named Fawad living with his parents in a middle-class area of the city. His parents are burning with a desire to seek a beautiful daughter-in-law because being at this age, they fear death can reach them any time. The parents Mr. and Mrs. Javed are going aged and weaker and have not only to support each other but to teach their wanton and careless son Fawad the values of family bond and blessings of the parental support.

The protagonist Fawad is not mature enough to handle the responsibility of a wife or a family while his parents want him to get married at the earliest. As he embarks on the business of creating theatric plays, he comes across a girl named Sehrish who wishes to learn acting and to become a superstar and celebrity. With the passage of time she manages to create a niche in the hearts of Fawad and his parents by her caring and loving nature. She teaches Fawad that it is only loving parents and a happy life with a caring partner that actually matter, and all other glamourous achievements and professional milestones are just occasional pleasures that drift the people away from their precious family moments and priceless company of their loved ones.    

Driving home the point, it is the spiritual and social strength that is being carelessly ignored these day and people are getting too much involved in businesses and earning money. When they don’t pay attention to their parents, relatives and friends, they gradually become alone and miss the presence of the family treasures after they have lost them.

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