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decision to Split is a Split Decision: Yasir Hussain calls for unity in showbiz after Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar chose to air their dirty laundry in public

Ironically, this is the same person who previously said he believes the industry is hypocritical and has double standards.

Following a rather public fallout between singer Asim Azhar and his ex Hania Aamir, who chose to air their dirty laundry in public, actor Yasir Hussain has taken to social media to say that unity in the showbiz industry is top on his list of priorities.

Using Instagram to reveal what he thinks of trolls and critics, the Jhooti star said brutal audiences spared no one, regardless of how popular or unpopular the person was.

“Cyber bullying is bad, mard ho ya aurat Asim Azhar ho ya Hania Aamir, log yahan Imran Khan se le kar Mahira Khan tak kisi ko nahi chortay [Cyber bullying is bad regardless of whether its a man or woman, Asim Azhar or Hania Aamir. From Imran Khan all the way to Mahira Khan, no one is spared here],” he wrote.

Hussain said he doesn’t believe that actors should be bothered by the comments of every Tom, Dick or Harry, adding that it would only divide the industry and that shouldn’t happen.

“I think celebrities apni skin moti kar len, industry kuch jahil logon ke bekar comments ki waja se two groups me nahi batni chahiye [I think celebrities should develop a thicker skin. The industry should not split into two groups just because of irrelevant comments by a few ignorant people].”

Ironically, this is the same person who previously stated that he felt the industry was hypocritical and had double standards.

His comments came after both Aamir and Azhar engaged in a Twitter spat about their breakup and Aamir was attacked by online trolls.

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