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Crossed the Line of Pet Ethics: Social Media very upset with TikToker Kashif Zameer’s Viral Video Beating lion pet

TikToker Kashif Zameer, the host of Engin Altan Düzyatan in Pakistan, mistreated his lion pet in a viral video. Content creators’ Demand Kashif’s arrest on the animal beating

Yet another video of animals misuse arises, making everybody wonder about the massive and evil nature of the victimizer. It appears every new day, humanity dies a little more.  The popular TikTok star Mian Kashif Zameer is known to have a pet lion yet much to everyone’s dismay how inadequately he treats it until people came across his new viral video.

One can witness the act of animal cruelty perpetrated against a wild animal. Tiktokers lip-adjusting to melodies while they play with their pets is only the outside of the generally well known application. Underneath its surface, it is propagating terrible creature misuse. As though Zameer didn’t as of now land in a pool of controversies previously, he has ended up in one more.

Wild maltreatment of creatures is to be sure a pitiful reflection on our general public, especially when its greatest targets for causing misery are the ones who can’t retaliate, those who have no voice to stand up against brutality

Online media posts showing individuals manhandling their creatures, which regularly incorporates smacking, tossing, executing, or in any case hurting them, have turned crazy. Recordings like these are very dangerous as they may standardize treating creatures impolitely, and even truly mishandling them. Furthermore, for what? Simply for susceptible watchers? Shockingly, by claiming a permit in Pakistan you can purchase, sell or import lions and tigers and do whatever you like to do to them. There are numerous instances of misuse where lion cubs and tiger offspring are tortured by the proprietors. They declaw them, beat them, confine them, take their teeth out and later use them for breeding and afterward sell the cubs for cash

Lahore-based JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter indeed encourage the public authority to quit authorizing wild creatures to people secretly.

Lions belong in their natural habitat, where they can carry on with free lives and express their common conduct. Indeed, even the pressure of imprisonment in zoos negatively affects their wellbeing. Some misinformed people believe that lions and tigers can be “tamed” enough to turn into a household companion like a cat or a dog

Last week, JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter initiated an an online appeal to stop the misuse of Animals in carnivals In addition to this, it urged people to raise their voices for these animals. 

Although the pandemic has halted their usage in political rallies, many people are seen torturing them for TikTok and videos. In fact, many times lion cubs are sedated and used as props for people’s entertainment

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