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Corona & Israel Both Treated Everybody Reckless: Trauma faced by Gaza children

Israeli airstrikes don’t discriminate hence the psychological suffering of Palestinian children.

The world has been witnessing Israeli barbarities for years now with the pain of Palestinians being shown by social media and now electronic media too.

The men, women, and even children are suffering at the hands of those claiming Palestinian land to be theirs which is why bombing, displacing, attacking, harassing, and torturing unarmed Palestinians seems rational to Israel.

In the midst of this brutal chaos are little young minds; a majority of whom have opened eyes in this world while hearing bombs being thrown on a daily basis. Social media is filled with videos of innocent children crying and asking the authorities to end this violence against their families.

The children are not only suffering emotionally, but also psychologically with constant fear of uncertainty for their life under the Israeli atrocities.

“Mummy, my love, I am very, very scared. If we all die, put us in the same grave all together so I can stay in your arms”.

10-year-old Zeina Dabous left a note under her pillow for her mother saying.

She further added, “I want to wear my Eid clothes,” since she never got to wear hers for the Eid celebration after Israeli airstrikes on the Palestinian enclave began on May 10.

Apparently, a ceasefire has stopped the air raids, mental health experts warn that children in the besieged coastal strip will likely carry the mental scars for years to come.

Psychologists say many are showing signs of depression, anxiety, behavioral disorders, or irritability, and many are wetting their beds.

Children barely sleep and are constantly terrified of the bombing. Zeina who lives in Gaza said, “They’re always bombing.”

Zeina is one of around a million children living in Gaza, according to the UN’s children agency Unicef. Israeli strikes on Gaza killed 248 Palestinians, including 66 children, and have wounded another 1,900 people, the Gaza health ministry says. Israeli airstrikes also pounded the densely populated enclave in 2008-2009, 2012 and 2014.

“A whole generation of children has been ravaged by repeated conflicts.”

Said Zeina’s grandfather, Saeed Dabous.

Save the Children, a charity warned that children in Gaza would suffer for years to come. They “are suffering from fear and anxiety, a lack of sleep, and are displaying worrying signs of distress, such as constant shaking and bedwetting,” it said.

In another incident, Maysa Abu al-Awf, 22, lost her two sisters and dozens of relatives in a devastating airstrike and is worried for her two-year-brother Ahmad who has seen nothing but pain and fear around him.

With stitches on his tiny body, Ahmad constantly repeated “I’m scared, I’m scared,” while her sister tried to comfort him holding him on her lap and reciting prayers.

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